Wall art, with a natural theme; for both indoors and outdoors has been on our design agenda for some time. We love what we have come up with, with this double barley stem design. It is laser cut to 2 standard sizes  (Please see on options tab). We can customise the size if need be, please contact us for details. One is 40cm wide by 68cm high and stands flush to the wall and is designed to be hung by a hook at the back. The other is a substantial piece 80cm wide by 140cm high and stands 40mm proud from the wall and has fixings for bolting into place. The rusting process has been stopped and sealed and the unique patination will make sure each piece has it own never to be repeated identity.


Rusted into a beautiful orangey, red colour, this piece is reminiscent of sunsets over the crop fields. With crisp and defined, yet organic and playful detailing, this piece is a stunning and bold addition to any backdrop.