Gilded Bird Bath

//Gilded Bird Bath

Gilded Bird Bath

Five steel bowls have been forged and textured into Lily pads to create the perfect social environment for your garden birds. They are gilded with bronze leaf, patinated to give a diffusion of colours and then finished with lacquer to prevent tarnishing. The gilded and patinated leaves are stunning in morning and evening sunlight and add colour and interest to your garden throughout the year. Combined with our poppy bird feeder they make beautiful practical garden features.


5, hand forged 12mm seel bars ranging in hight from 150cm to 110cm; topped with gilded lily leaves ranging in diameter from 30cm to 7cm.
The standard finish is Galvanised, which is then patinated to give a charcoal, speckled grey finish. This is further oiled to seal in this finish. (Please note the patination can vary as many factors effect the colouring process, but its always unique and beautiful ) We can, on request do a rusted finish. Please contact us for further information
The gilding is coated in an anti tarnish lacquer and can be cleaned with warm soapy water.  The galvanised steel will last for decades any surface scratches can be covered with a clear oil such as linseed or olive


5 Stems RRP £245

2 Stems RRP  £150


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