We Love To Work & We Love Where We Work

When I first moved to Charmborough Farm 10 years ago. I used to live across the fields in a local Hamlet call Charlton. Most mornings, when the weather wasn’t  bad, I would walk to work  across these fields;  It was a great way to start the day. With winter snow, the animal foot prints were visible in a way very rarely seen at most times of the year. In spring/summer, a 6.30am  start  meant all the skylarks were still in the long grass or just low in the sky singing their hearts out as I walked. I used to  pinch myself sometimes, living and working in the country was such a  soulful contrast to city life.

Our Location

Located In Beautiful West Country

8, Charmborough Farm, Holcombe. BA3 5EX
Web: www.straysparks.com

Images Of Our Workplace