We are more than happy to exchange items, but will have to charge for the transport involved in collection and any subsequent deliveries. i.e. To exchange 1 item for another will cost £20 collection + £20 new delivery.

The galvanised finish is different than I thought it would be.2015-05-07T14:04:05+00:00

When we get items back from the galvanisers they are a bright silver colour. We acid etch this finish to give a charcoal grey speckled finish and take away the industrial look of the fresh galvanizing . This can vary considerably, according to the humidity and the temperature at the time of etching.  The quality of the finish is not effected. It all makes for a durable, unique finish.


Is the glass frost proof?2015-05-07T14:04:47+00:00

The glass in non-porous, so there is no danger of moisture seeping in and expanding in cold weather. So yes all our glass is frost proof.

How do I spread the Fern/Allium plant support?2015-05-07T14:07:09+00:00

For ease of transport we compact a lot of our products. However once in the ground by setting it in with the prongs, each stem can then be pulled out to create a spread of your own liking. The weld is strong but soft, so there is no danger of the stems breaking.

Does the rust need caring for?2015-05-07T14:08:11+00:00

Most of our rusted products are made from solid bar 8/10/ and 12mm bar.  Rusting is a gradual oxidisation process  and the thickness of the bar means the bar will last for decades, so no extra care is needed. Putting on some linseed oil or clear lacquer will seal in the rust if you are worried about clothes being stained.

Delivery Options2016-01-31T11:43:45+00:00

Our couriers are TNT, who in our experience,  are the best, as they are a company who run every branch rather than being franchised. There is a standard delivery £20 delivery charge on each item, however if you need it before 9am/10am/midday or Saturday delivery this can be arranged at extra cost.

Please contact us if any of these options are needed and we can quote you.


How do I care for the Gilding?2015-05-07T14:11:37+00:00

The gilding has been finished with a clear anti-tarnish lacquer so should require very little care. Slight discolouring over time can be rejuvenated by adding on some clear lacquer or oil (linseed/olive).